The art of ceramics, food and cocktails at Make. Eat. Drink.

It’s pretty obvious that I’m a huge fan of well-made, hand-crafted wine, beer, spirits and cocktails. I’m also an art lover and get a rush for wandering through exhibits and galleries. Fortunately Beautiful Wife shares these passions.
Why not combine the two loves?

Could there possibly be a better way to enjoy the artistic creation of craft cocktails and food than having it served in artisan-made cups and plates? Probably not. You can find out just how good it is at Make. Eat. Drink., a featured event of the East Austin Studio Tour (E.A.S.T.), on Tuesday November 13 at the  East Side Glass Studios, 507 Calles Street (the same building as Hops & Grain).

Here is your chance to sample delectable eats lovingly made by Andrew Francisco, chef of Bridget Dunlap’s soon to be opened place, Mettle East Side Bistro. Elegant libations, courtesy of Contigo, will be served at a bar custom-made for the event by Petrified Design. The hottness is that the goodies will be served in ceramics made by E.A.S.T. artists, Keith Kreeger of Keith Kreeger Studios, Leigh Taylor Wyatt and Shara Funari of Eastside Glass and Ryan McKerley. You get to keep your handmade cup at the end of the event.

McKerley TumblersEast Side Glass Studios owners Shara Funari and Leigh Taylor Wyatt are excited to host the event. Funari said, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase the Boom Gallery space of East Side Glass Studio for Make. Eat. Drink. Joining forces with other artists/concepts of design allows me to utilize the medium of hot glass with purpose and intention.”

Ceramic artist and event organizer, Keith Kreeger says “I’m a firm believer that food and drink loving culture that is prevalent in Austin has the same affinity for fine things that craft lovers culture has. I’ve never met a craft lover that doesn’t go to the farmers market for fresh ingredients to cook their own meals. This event let’s foodies and drink aficionados appreciate how much more they can enjoy their fantastic food on hand-made functional art. The rituals and experience of hand-crafting food and drink is more complete when combined with the craftsmanship of a handmade dish. The details of a cup and how it feels on your lips can be as important to your experience as flavors you taste in a drink.”

Kieth Kreeger Studios
Kreeger continued, “Pottery and craft is moving more to the luxury goods market which is connected with the foodie movement. Our generation understands that the things we have in our homes should be of the same quality the food we serve on it.”

Grab you tickets for $100, and eat, drink, admire art and get a handmade cup by a Make. Eat. Drink artist. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Big Medium and the East Austin Studio Tour.

Sponsors include: Big Medium, Contigo, Mettle, Mockingbird Domestics, Keith Kreeger Studios and East Side Glass Studios.

What are you drinking?