When wine becomes more than a hobby: Fetish Wine

We’ve all met them. Those people who have gone from having an interest in wine to being passionate about wine to having a fetish for wine. It starts off innocently enough, but soon spirals out of control. You’ve seen those tell-tale signs. First they start off innocently dabbling a little with wine tastings with a lick and a deep trill of the wine on the tongue. Next they have a favorite clerk at the wine shop that they furtively seek out time and time again. It’s not enough to get their recommendation; they need the clerk’s full attention, to share stories, to share wine secrets. Then they are planning vacations to be closer to wine regions and their oh-so available tasting rooms. Finally, you catch them with fetish-ware all over the house. Things like fancy wine openers, crystal stemware for specifically made for various varietals and those neck rings that they slip over the top of the bottle.

I might know some people like that.

I might be one of those people.

Beautiful Wife and I decided to invite a friend over for a wine tasting. We let her know we had something special. We let her know it was going to be more than a one bottle night. We let her know we meant business. She was game.

Our first wine was Fetish Wine 2008 The Watcher, Barossa Shiraz. Beautiful Wife poured three glasses and set them in front of each of us. We were so eager to dig in, but before we could reach for the glasses, she turned to our fair guest and asked if she would like to watch this round. With a wry smile, she sat back in her chair. She sat close enough to dip her nose deep into the mouth of the glass to smell the wine, but she didn’t dare lift the glass to drink. She didn’t taste it with us. She watched us enjoy our wine.

Look She: Unrequited desire restrained in leather.Me: Violaceous and vibrant, a young bruise pulsing with excitement.
Smell She: The hot musk of a waiting lover, lying just out of reach.Me: A potpourri sachet in the lingerie drawer with dried blackberries, anise and spice.
Taste She: Begged for a drink. She strained at her restraint. She longingly watched us taste the wine.Me: Satisfying, round blueberry with an ample mouthfeel and just enough tannin to keep a slight pout on Beautiful Wife’s lips.   
Price $18


She was completely flush, breathing fast and cooing softly by the time we finished. Watching us blissfully lick the last bit of nectar as it dribbled down the curve of the globe, she closed her eyes and sighed contentedly.  

You know who else has a fetish for wine? Mike Opdahl, the winemaker for Fetish Wines, that’s who. He loved wine so much he started a winery in 2004.  Now that’s a fetish. Fetish makes three other varietals. Mike told me about one he thought I might like; Playmates.

Playmates is an intermingling of three of the best grapes from the Barossa Valley: Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro. What goes better with a ménage à trois of Rhone style grapes than a third friend joining us for a tasting?

Beautiful wife poured three glasses of Fetish 2008 Playmates Barossa Valley and invited our friend to join us. She gingerly massaged her her hands in anticipation and gratefully joined us as we lustfully dipped into our first taste. Oh god it was good, the three of us soaking it in together.

Look The amethyst of her mood ring glowed as her biodynamics heated up.
Smell A buzz of frisky alcohol tickles the nose before playful raspberry, strawberry and blackberry preserves get dolloped on in healthy spoonfuls.  
Taste Full frontal display of luscious mounds of supple berries, full bodied and bold, before sliding in a cedar mouth-bit for a lingering, spiced wood finish.
Price $18


Even if you haven’t slipped down the slippery slope into a wine fetish, Fetish wines can satisfy your desire for saucy, sinful decadence. These wines are great to share with friends in any type of setting. Strip off the cap and try it.

Fetish Wine provided samples of each wine for review.

What are you drinking?