Celebrate Al Capone’s 116th birthday with the Capone cocktail   

January 17, 2015

While I certainly don’t celebrate the murderous crime of infamous gangster, Al Capone, I can get behind his love for whiskey. Templeton Rye is distilled in Indiana and bottled in Templeton, Iowa, giving it the Mid-West roots any Chicagoland mobster could admire.  Reportedly this rye was Capone’s rye of choice.  In fact, it is said […]

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National wine pros will compete in 2015 Somms Under Fire food and wine event

January 14, 2015

  Figuring out the right wine to go with your dinner can be daunting for just about anyone. Just try doing it in front of a live audience and a panel of wine experts judging you. That is exactly what three wine professionals will do when they compete in the 2015 Somms Under Fire, a […]

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Screw the New Year’s resolution — Let’s drink Franciacorta

January 10, 2015

People load up on sparkling wine in December for the holiday bender, but quickly eschew the bubbly after the ball drops. It’s heresy. I get it, we all eat and drink too much during the holidays and want to clean up our act in the New Year, but let’s be realistic. We all need a […]

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Texas Monthly’s exclusive new club delivers state’s best wine to your door

January 7, 2015

Whether it is for barbecue or tacos, people have long looked to Texas Monthly as an arbiter of iconic Texas flavors. Now the publication is putting its stamp of approval on the best Texas wines with its own Texas wine club. The TM Wine Club will send quarterly shipments of Texas wines that have been selected […]

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Beer for lunch at Porter Ale House and Gastropub

December 29, 2014

Some days you just need a beer at lunch. When that mood hits, Porter Ale House and Gastropub has you covered. The south 1st Street bar and restaurant, which opened in January 2014 has gathered a lot of attention for its food and excellent beer selection. It recently started serving lunch, which makes it a fantastic […]

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The perfect holiday gifts for cocktail lovers

December 18, 2014

The best holiday gifts are the gifts that keep on giving. If you want the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who loves cocktails as much as you, give them this craft cocktail gift set. Its two gifts in one: they’ll love you for it and you stand a good chance of having […]

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Nasty feud at Texas distillery ends with buy-out

December 5, 2014

The nasty feud between Chip Tate, founder and head distiller of Waco-based Balcones Distillery, and its investors is now over. The distillery’s board of managers has bought Tate’s 27 percent ownership of the company and ended his role on the board this week. As first reported by the Waco Tribune, tensions boiled over in August when board […]

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The Definitive Guide to Holiday Wine

December 2, 2014

This story was originally published in the Winter 2014 issue of Austin Man Magazine. It looks fantastic in print, so grab an issue or two.  December is stuffed with more parties, festive meals and holiday get-togethers than anyone can possibly manage. Getting in the way of that merriment is the mad scramble to meet year-end […]

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Thanksgiving wine guide: Perfect pairings for morning, noon and night

November 25, 2014

I love Thanksgiving. It’s a fantastic day to enjoy the company of family and friends, reflect on the best parts of our lives, and break out bottle after bottle of delicious wine. With a complex meal (and a long day of gluttony), Thanksgiving offers the perfect opportunity to open lots of wines to pair with […]

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October, the Month for Merlot #MerlotMe

October 9, 2014

Long a favorite red wine grape, Merlot has recently been seen as a lesser variety. A wine for unsophisticated beginners. There are several reasons why public favor for anything swings, but many point to the 2004 movie, Sideways, as a source of misfortunes for Merlot. In the film the snotty oenophile, Miles, played by Paul […]

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