Down at the Trailer Park

I went to Dirty Bills last night for a few beers with JC (not the JC) and some other fun friends. I started off with some delicious IPA, but an interesting concoction caught my eye: The Trailer Park.

This is a down market twist on the lovely summer shandy. The Trailer Park is a Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boy pour over ice with a few lemon wedges.

So how does it taste? Like watery, lemony, cheap beer. At least it’s cold with all of that ice. And hey, at least all the extra water helps you stay hydrated.

I got mine for $2.50 at Dirty Bills, 511 Rio Grande St., next to Wahoo Taco in Austin . Enjoy

Dignified Drinking or “How I Shotgunned a Miller Highlife Camo Tallboy at my 4th of July Party”

Planning the perfect summer holiday party takes a lot of thought and consideration to balance the traditional patriotic food – always dead animals on the grill – and festive beverages. This year we had a few neighbors over and served the most American beverage we could think of: beer. Not just any beer, but ‘Merican beer from a variety of producers. We had a selection of microbrews from both Texas and Oregon on hand. Some delicious stuff, but I’m not going to give you my tasting notes on any of them.

Nope. I’m here to share the best part of the afternoon. Shotgunning a Miller Highlife tallboy in a camoflauge styled can. Now that’s class.

I have no idea the origins of this binge drinking method. I assume it was invented by some frat boy. I do know the purpose. Instant buzz. Do you remember the first time you did it? Was it in high school or college? I remember trying to teach a friend, Robbie, in high school how to do it in the mall parking lot right after work. Robbie spilled the better part of three beers down his shirt before we were interupted by the local law enforcement. We quickly tried to kick the empties under my car, but that was no use as the cop car spotlight illuminated everything going on. It turns out the cop was the dad of a kid that we played soccer against at a rival high school. We started talking about the game and his son, and he let us off without so much as a ticket. Luck.

When’s the last time you shotgunned a beer? I’m can do it pretty quickly, but was never the fastest. My friend LFBIII always beat me in high school and college. How fast can you do it? Looking at the counter on this video, I sucked down 16ozs of golden bliss in 8 seconds. Can you top that? Post your best time here and let me know what you are drinking.


Bar night waiting for the band

Some nights are grown up and responsible. Those nights specialize in deep conversations and thoughtful exploration of sophisticated wine. Tonight is not one of those nights.

Tonight is a boys night out at the hipster bars in Austin. Cheap beep, burgers and Indie bands dictate the agenda.

Started the night with a Miller High Life tall boy at Shangri La. Some Brooklyn Lager helped us segue to Harpoon IPA at the Brixton. Back to Brooklyn on tap at the Jakelope. Next up, we’re goin to see The Non at The Mohawk.

Not sure what we’ll drink next, but guarantee it will be less nuanced than a nice Cotes du Rhone.

Water with a kick

On Saturday my friend G and his darling wife were over to watch the US World Cup match. Darling wife has recently discovered the joys of Bud Light Lime, so she had a sixer in hand. G is roundly amused by her beer selection and decided it was something he ought to try.

He poured a glass to examine the lovely pale straw color, the whisper of a head and the fruity nose. Next to it he pour a glass of LaCroix lime sparkling water. He enouraged me to take a taste test.

They are remarkably similar, but the LaCroix is slightly more crisp. G’s point? Bud Light Lime tastes like lime flavored sparkling water. Point made.

Does that mean I’m going to turn my nose up at it? Hell no. That just means that when I want some water with a little touch of alcoholy goodness, I’ll consider a Bud Light Lime. So what if you can’t taste any hops or anything that resembles beer. Its refreshing.

Will I buy it? Probably not. At 7 bucks a six, I’d rather get real beer. Will you buy it?

What are you drinking?