What would Muppets drink?

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to get things started…

Following is a guest post from Beautiful Wife, Suzanne McGinnis, written in collaboration with me. 

What would Kermit Drink?
What would Kermit Drink?


The “Muppet Show” is back. I can’t wait for the debut of the new series on Tuesday, September 22. I can hear the theme song in my head. A tidal wave of childhood memories flood me and I go back to playing “what Muppet does that stranger look like?” as I go throughout my day. “She is totally Janis…That guy looks exactly like Sam the Eagle.”

I’ve been a huge Jim Henson/Muppet fan for decades. Beyond Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock, I watched the Muppet Show religiously, all the movies and have delighted in sharing the entire DVD collection of the show with my kids (best baby gift ever – thank you Amber Allen). Our daughter now loves Alice Cooper from the Halloween special and all of us crack up watching Steve Martin and Carol Burnett work their magic in genius Muppet Style.

I love imagining who the first guests will be…Jimmy Fallon, Dave Grohl, Ellen or Tina Fey and what sketches they will bring back. Equally as fun, I like playing a little game called, “What would the Muppets drink?,” which my amazing husband, Matt McGinnis, whole heartedly embraced.

Game on! Happily, hours later, after much debate and contemplation, here are our best guesses for:

“the most sensational, inspirational celebrational, Muppetational” MUPPET COCKTAIL HOUR.

What would Muppets drink?

Muppet Matt’s pick Suzanne’s pick
Kermit Pousse- café (for the rainbow connection) 2 fingers skim milk
Piggy Cosmo Champagne (always champagne)
Janis Odell IPA Miller High Life
Rowlf Manhattan Screwdriver
Gonzo Mezcal Flaming Dr. Pepper
Fozzie Old Fashioned Shirley Temple
Statler/Waldorf Schnapps Sherry
Sam The Eagle Bourbon + 1 cube Bourbon + 1 cube
Dr. Teeth Pitcher of Margaritas White Russian
Capt. Link Hogthrob Dirty Martini with 5 olives Cognac
Swedish Chef Akvavit Bartles & James Wine Cooler
Bunsen Honeydew Gin& Tonic made with liquid nitrogen Jello Shots
Beaker Absinthe Mind Eraser
Animal Prairie Fire Black coffee (fresh & hot) yes, he’ll wait


You can be sure we’ll be sipping at least one of these next week. The new Muppet Show starts Tuesday, Sept. 22nd on ABC at 8pm. What will you be drinking? Maybe a viewing party and Muppet Drinking game is in order…

What are you drinking? 


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