12 Most effective Texas hangover cures

December 31, 2011

Yes, everything is bigger in Texas. Holiday parties last for a week where guests gorge on Cadillac-sized steaks and suck down swimming pools full of booze. Everything is bigger in Texas including holiday hangovers.


During Holiday Bender – that period between Thanksgiving and the first day back to work in the New Year where there are parties every night – you’re bound to get at least one Texas-sized hangover, whether you’re blessed enough to live in the Lone Star State or not. Never fear, twelve good folks working at twelve Texas distilleries share their secrets to surviving a hangover. Heck, they ought to know, they make the sauce that got you in trouble in the first place.

1. Ooh la la

Paula Angerstein, la grande dame of Paula’s Texas Spirits Premium Liqueurs, chases out the bad blood with a French 75 made with Brut bubbly, Paula’s Texas Lemon and high-proof Gin. She swears it gets it done quickly and in style.

2. Here’s blood in the eye

Jenny Hunt, market Manager Deep Eddy Vodka, says her go-to hangover helper Savvy Vodka Bloody Mary. The vitamins in the tomato juice and celery will help.

3. Blood phở  sho

Happy Mercado, event marketing manager at Tito’s Handmade Vodka, goes for a steaming bowl of phở washed down with a Tito’s Bloody Mary. Hot broth and rice noodles sooth that seething stomach.

4. Salty blood

Brittany Meador, sales maven for Republic Tequila, chases her blues away with a Bloody Maria made with Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix, Republic Plata Tequila and pickle juice. She swears it cures you every time.

For the complete list of 12 Most Effective Texas Hangover Cures check out my story on 12 Most.

It’s completely possible to make it through the holidays without a single hangover by practicing common-sense moderation. If you do over do it, you are now prepared to fight the good fight. Which one of these are you going to try tomorrow? Do you have a better hangover cure?

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What are you drinking?

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