Join me for Sommelier Cinema, My Dinner with Andre

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema continues its popular pairing of film and wine in Sommelier Cinema. As their site so eloquently explains, “Sommelier Cinema is our series that invites guest experts to curate a wine flight to a film that makes you want to drink.” How awesome is that? It’s so awesome that I have to join the fun to host the next one.

  • What: a screening of the cinematic My Dinner with Andre hosted by me. I’ve chosen three wines and one liqueur drawing inspiration from the beverage and food selections the characters made at a French restaurant in the film. These drinks will be served during the movie along with a selection of cheeses from Antonelli’s Cheese Shop.
  • Where: Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, 320 E 6th Street, Austin, TX
  • When: Wednesday, October 5, 2011, 7pm
  • How much: $26. Buy your tickets here.

What are we drinking?

For the first wine, I selected a French sparkling wine to replace the “Spritzer” that Andre has as an aperitif.

Charles Bove Brut NV

Not all French bubbly is Champagne. This zippy non-vintage sparkler is made from Chenin Blanc grown in the Loire Valley and made in the traditional method.

Look This bubbly is very light yellow with a lively string of bubbles racing to the surface.
Smell It has aromas of green pear and lemon followed by dusty stones.
Taste A fine note of yeast is quickly followed by honeydew melon balanced with pert acidity and coarse fizziness. This light, food friendly wine has to be a hell of a lot better than a spritzer.


For the second wine, we have Sancerre to accompany the first course ordered by Wally and Andre, Terrine de poisson (fish pâté), and potato soup.

Château de Sancerre 2010

This is a lively Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley made by the Société des Produits Marnier-Lapostolle, which also produces of Grand Marnier liqueurs.

Look Pale straw color with bright clarity.
Smell A nose of kiwi, grapefruit rind, daffodil and flint meld in an understated and pleasant aroma.
Taste This Sancerre has fresh red grapefruit and tart peach flavors with a long finish easy going. The crisp acidity would cut through the fatty pate and the creamy soup. It’s not overly complex and doesn’t get in the way as the conversation in the film gets deep and multi-faceted.


For the third wine I chose a Burgundy to pair with the cailles aux raisins (roasted quail with raisins). What goes better with wild fowl than Pinot Noir?

Domaine Danjean-Bertroux Bourgogne Domaine du Moulin Neuf  2009

Made by up-and-coming wine maker Pascal Danjean, this is a balanced old world Pinot Noir that pairs well with a variety of meals.

Look Light bodied, glistening like a shiny black cherry skin.
Smell Bold scent of perfumed vanilla, cherry pie and violets greet you with a grin.
Taste Wally and Andre’s conversation kicks into metaphysical high-gear during their main course. This wine’s flavors of earthy cherry and plum fruitiness with a dusting of bitter cocoa  and minerality followed by mild tannins would keep them grounded.


For our final selection, I chose the obvious. We’re having an Amaretto to join Wally with the same desert drink that he orders.

Luxardo Amaretto

This Italian liqueur is made from almonds grown in Avola in southern Sicily. It’s recommended to drink neat at room temperature after dinner.

Look Honeyed amber lazily clinging to the sides of the glass.
Smell Marzipan and chocolate covered candied cherries in almond syrup.
Taste It tastes just like it smells. It’s like biting into a liquor filled cordial with the almond sugar oozing out of the middle.  Oh what a sweet desert to enjoy after a cerebral dinner.


Join me for this engrossing film and for a selection of delicious drinks.

What are you drinking?