What have I been drinking and what to drink next?

“What are you drinking?” has been going for six months now and have had a great time sharing my thoughts on what I’m drinking in 60 blog posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed it too. I’m thrilled that the blog was nominated for the 2010 Austin Blogger Awards.  Here’s a quick look and what I’ve written about in the second half of 2010:

  • 24 wine reviews
  • 18 mixed drink reviews
  • 5 beer reviews
  • 4 bar reviews
  • 2 restaurant reviews
  • 3 event blog posts
  • 2 guest blog posts

What’s next?

I’m excited to move to a hosted site with my new domain name: www.WhatAreYouDrinking.net this month and want to see this blog continue to evolve. I have a few blog posts ready to go for January including a review of a local wine bar, and a talk with the owner of a local tequila company. I’d love to know what you’d like to see. Tell me what you want to see on the pages of “What are you drinking?” with a comment below. I appreciate your ideas.